What's wrong with this planet?
I like to illustrate situations and stuff, what I think is wrong on this planet. I've made these illustrations with the help of Burnt Toast Creative. He showed me the way ;)

Here's one of the illustrations that I created. The plastic soup is a place in the ocean where an enormous quantity of plastic floats together.

So I've read a book a while ago about animals and how their behavior is changed or is being controlled by locking them up and stuff... I really felt like making an illustration about it, so here it is!

A lot of people are more busy with looking happy, than actually being happy...

When I'm out with my girlfriend, I see a lot of people spending time with their love. But they don't actually pay attention to each other. They are constantly looking at their phone and even tag each other in a post in stead of actually talking.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, I just love this saying!

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